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Aggregate positions added to Trades

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

With over 3,000 Trade Explorers actively synchronizing with brokerage accounts, we can now develop some very insightful applications using the aggregate data. Our first such creation is an application called Positions. Located on the Trades page, under the Leaderboard, Positions gives unprecedented insight into how forex traders are currently positioned in the market.

Positions only includes live accounts (no demos), and goes far beyond the traditional long-short ratio. For example, it displays ratios in terms of both traders and lots, tells you which traders are long and how many lots they’re carrying, shows you the lot-weighted average entry for all trades, and it displays historical ratios via interactive graph!

The aggregate numbers are made fully transparent by listing every trader that makes up the aggregate. For traders who have their Trade Explorers set to ‘Public,’ you can click through to their Explorer to see details about their position, and for those set to ‘Private’ or ‘Buddies,’ their positions are included in an anonymous format. Please note that traders who opt out of data aggregation (via Trade Explorer permissions) are not included in aggregate metrics or lists.

While there’s a bit of a learning curve, once you master Positions it can be a powerful tool that improves your edge in the market. If you have an idea for making it more useful, or if you run into any bugs, please let us know!

Posted by Scot, Forex Factory Senior Developer

New product: Trades

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

We’re pleased to announce the beta-release of Trades, a new product that tells you who’s buying, who’s selling, and who’s winning! :)

The data for Trades is aggregated from members sharing their Trade Explorer information (i.e., permissions set to ‘Public’), and the default settings only show activity from live brokerage accounts (i.e., no demos). Best of all, you can trust that the performance metrics are legitimate! The live/demo distinction cannot be faked on the Trade Explorer, and as we confirmed last month, all trade statistics are based on equity, so open positions are included in the metrics.

While the default settings only show live accounts, Trades is based on our Flexbox technology, so you can customize the content of the Trade Feed and Leaderboard applications.

There’s also a very useful filter on the Trade Feed. You can adjust the setting to show only your buddies’ trades, or only EUR/USD trades, for instance.

The default Leaderboard shows which traders are having the best month, and it can also be configured to display annual or weekly periods. To help keep the rankings pure, only Trade Explorers with equity greater than 100 currency units (dollars/euros/pounds/etc.) are included in the rankings, and commercial members are excluded.

So there you have it — a powerful new tool to assist you in your pursuit of profits! :)

Please comment or contact us to share your thoughts. We love to hear your feedback!

PS, If you don’t have a Trade Explorer yet, get one here!

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing