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FF calendar meets China

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Today we launch our coverage of key Chinese economic data. The following events will now be reported on the Forex Factory calendar:

  • GDP q/y
  • Industrial Production y/y
  • Trade Balance
  • Manufacturing PMI
  • CLSA Manufacturing PMI
  • CPI y/y
  • PPI y/y
  • Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y
  • More Coming Soon

    As you may have noticed, Chinese data releases are gradually having a more pronounced impact on the currency markets. Presently their influence can rival high-profile G7 indicators, especially in regard to the yen and commodity currencies. It has long been evident that we needed to add the Chinese yuan (CNY) to the calendar, and early this year the Forex Factory economists set out to tackle the project.

    The sources for Chinese data are far less transparent and less reliable than we are used to dealing with on the calendar, which is why we had avoided CNY for so long. It took our team five months of research, source gathering, release monitoring, and beta-testing to report the data with the same quality and reliability that we strive for on the calendar.

    We cannot change how Chinese sources release and schedule data, but we can implement procedures that will bring clarity and consistency to our coverage. We have made several ‘FF Notes’ (see the Detail View by clicking the icon) to inform you of special circumstances you might expect to see, and we created a new set of ‘FF Alerts’ (see the inside the Detail View, where applicable) that will be used keep you abreast of scheduling issues as they happen. For the least reliable release schedules we opted to set the event’s default time to ‘Tentative’ to make you aware that we don’t know the exact release time. With all CNY data you should be prepared to see surprise early releases, leaked data later retracted, and data being delayed for days – we will do our best to inform you of these issues with the FF Alert function. Finally, we ask that you be slightly more forgiving of our mistakes as we become further acquainted with the new coverage.

    We will report our first live CNY data in about 24 hours… see you there!

    Posted by Tim, Forex Factory Senior Economist

    Diffusion index charts improved

    Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

    There are a few dozen indicators we report on the Forex Factory calendar that are based on a diffusion index, whereby a reading below 50.0 signals contraction/pessimism and a reading above 50.0 signals expansion/optimism (e.g., Ivey PMI, ISM Manufacturing PMI, Economy Watchers Sentiment, NAHB Housing Market Index).

    Today we launched a modification to the charting for these diffusion index indicators that breaks the chart’s y-axis at 50.0 rather than the standard 0.0. This minor tweak aligns the chart visual with the indicator’s intended interpretation.

    Before (chart breaks at 0.0):

    After (chart breaks at 50.0):

    You will have a chance to put this modification to use on Tuesday when there is a handful of PMI indicators being released for the Eurozone.

    Posted by Tim, Forex Factory Senior Economist