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Trade Explorer beta launched

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Broker platforms leave much to be desired in regard to analyzing your trading performance. Most traders don’t know basic performance statistics about their trading, such as average trade return, Sharpe ratio, and maximum drawdown, and it’s rare that a trader even knows what their equity curve looks like. It’s hard to improve if you don’t know where you stand.

The Trade Explorer is Forex Factory’s answer to this problem. It’s an online interface that connects with your MT4-based brokerage account to put hundreds of metrics and over 60 graphs at your fingertips. Explorer not only helps you evaluate your historic trading performance, but it automatically synchronizes with your brokerage account to give you real-time analytical capabilities. Create a Trade Explorer or read operational details in the user guide.

Create a Trade Explorer

See Explorer in Action

We didn’t invent the concept of a performance analyzer, but we have taken it into new territory. Here are a few features that set Explorer apart:

  • Auto sync
    Automatically synchronizes with your brokerage account, even with the platform closed, allowing you to monitor your performance from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Equity|Balance toggle
    Allows you to display performance metrics based on either equity or balance.
  • Time zone control
    Can be set to reflect any time zone, allowing you to match your broker’s time zone or adjust when the day begins.
  • Gap
    Pending orders display a metric we call ‘Gap,’ which shows how many pips away the order is from the market.
  • Open leverage
    Displays leverage of open positions in the familiar “XX:1″ format, helping you easily identify how far from a margin call you are. Look for the ‘Lev’ column on the ‘Open Trades’ table.
  • Help icons
    There are help icons () for every metric to tell you precisely how the calculation is made. Hover on the icon to expand the help caption, or click it to hold the caption open.
  • Interactive graph
    Flexible design allows you to set the X and Y axis to your preference, giving you a high degree of control. Over 60 combinations available.
  • Industry stats
    Reports statistics in the same industry standard format used by CTAs and hedge funds.
  • No fake results
    Direct connection to brokerage accounts makes it impossible to fake trading performance. No need for a verification system — all Explorers are connected to a legitimate brokerage account and the live/demo distinction cannot be faked.

Currently Explorer is only compatible with MetaTrader4-based brokerage accounts. We plan to incorporate other platforms in the future. We’re still in early stages of development so your feedback is really important at this time. Let us know what you think via the contact form.

For more details on Explorer, please read the user guide.

PS, a huge “Thank You” to the beta-testers who helped us with this project!

Posted by Michael, Forex Factory Product Developer