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Placement features for Trade Explorer

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

After working out the kinks and solidifying the infrastructure, the Trade Explorer is now out of beta and we’ve started adding features. The first set of features give you great flexibility in where you can place your Explorers around the FF website, making it almost effortless to keep track of your performance.

Page placement
Now you can view your Explorers on the FF homepage, Calendar page, News page, or Market page — it’s up to you. Click Options in the top right of your Explorer to modify its placement.

Thread linking
Any public Explorer can now be linked to any Forum thread. Once linked, the Explorer will be displayed at the top of the thread, making it easy to discuss your Explorer with others, or discuss another member’s Explorer. To link an Explorer, click Thread Tools > Thread Options on any thread you’ve started.

Display order
If you have more than one Explorer, you can now specify the order in which they stack on the page. This control lets you align your Explorers in a way that works with your trading habits. Click Options in the top right of your Explorer to modify its order. Remember, this option will only appear if you have more than one Explorer.

If you have feedback or ideas for improvement, please contact us!

Posted by Michael, Forex Factory Product Developer