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It just got a lot easier to access your Trade Explorer! Today we launched the ‘Expand’ functionality — a link at the top right of your Explorer which expands it to a full-page view. It’s like having the Trade Explorer’s four tabs open all at once, and the expanded URL can be bookmarked for quick future reference.

Speaking of bookmarks, we’ve implemented a number of “permalinks” into the Trade Explorer. Most of the links within your Explorer will now update the browser URL, which can then be bookmarked or sent to a friend. For example, all of the following links work for aediaz1′s Trade Explorer:

- Overview tab: forexfactory.com/aediaz1#22
- Trade Report tab: forexfactory.com/aediaz1#22-report
- Trade Graph tab: forexfactory.com/aediaz1#22-graph
- Trade List tab: forexfactory.com/aediaz1#22-list
- Trade List page 2: forexfactory.com/aediaz1#22-list+pg2
- All expanded: forexfactory.com/aediaz1/22

Please contact us if you find any issues or have a request. I handle all Trade Explorer support, and I can tell you the product wouldn’t be nearly as good without all the feedback from you guys!

Posted by Danny, Trade Explorer Product Manager

3 Responses to “Expand your Trade Explorer”

  1. forexsaint's Avatar
    forexsaint says:

    Hi Danny.... ForexSaint here. Still waiting for the "starting date" feature for plotting all data on explorer....so that the performance can be seen from a specific time in history. (i had a chat with you about it via emails) Kindly incorporate asap. Thanks in advance.

  2. forexsaint's Avatar
    forexsaint says:

    Still waiting for that update!

  3. clasgolf's Avatar
    clasgolf says:

    Hi, I have a live explorer under clasgolf,but wish to make use of the demo account with xm to setup a new explorer account. How is this done as my xm demo account has no investor password.Thanks

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