Explore charted trades

You’ve probably seen this awesome feature on the more advanced trading platforms — and now the Trade Explorer has it too!

To open a charted trade, just click the chart icon () for any trade on the Trade List tab. You can also option to show other trades on that instrument by checking ‘Show Surrounding Trades.’

Haven’t tried the Trade Explorer yet? Get started here! Or if you have feedback or ideas for improvement, we’re always glad to hear from you.

Posted by Danny, Trade Explorer Product Manager

12 Responses to “Explore charted trades”

  1. aediaz1's Avatar
    aediaz1 says:

    Wow! This is good stuff Danny!

  2. fxcoaching's Avatar
    fxcoaching says:


  3. MaryJane's Avatar
    MaryJane says:

    This makes the trade explorer #1 among its competitors.. incredibly fabulous feature!

  4. jiva34's Avatar
    jiva34 says:

    Impressive. Don't think the majority of forum members have even seen this yet. Stampede when they do.

  5. arieldutches's Avatar
    arieldutches says:

    Hi Danny, Very nice but I'm more interested in the signals or indicators. Can you share what you are using? Thanks, Ariel

  6. yaniv_av says:

    From one PM to another - Gr8 job!!!

  7. Lighthouse's Avatar
    Lighthouse says:

    Wow! Whoever is behind this programming truly knows his/her stuff. Danny, execution is key in any real endeavor. You and your team are doing a find job with Trade Explorer. Thanks!

  8. Hareii's Avatar
    Hareii says:

    Can I suggest that Sortino Ratio and Sharpe Ratio be added as other measures to rank the leaderboard. Current measure of absolute returns does not reflect the true risk-adjusted returns and does not surface the true good traders whom we can all learn from.

  9. Jairo's Avatar
    Jairo says:

    Hi, I suggest adding filters to set minimum starting equity and minimum account trading time when showing the leaderboard ranking. For example, I may not be interested in accounts with less than USD 1000 of starting equity and less than one year trading. The ranking is crowded by small new accounts with spectacular returns. Even if we select yearly returns, with a glance at the equity charts we will see easily that almost all accounts show a very short trade history. These accounts will probably be blown up in no time. Why would serious traders wish to waste time ranking them?

  10. itshamish says:

    Excellent work - and I discovered more on this page in 5 minutes than I have found in the last two years! Many thanks for your efforts.

  11. ForMeFact0ry's Avatar
    ForMeFact0ry says:

    wow so.many good comments so set aside your hate for.me.ok, take this constructively.cos thats the only.right way. after the redesign, i.can post.reply.from my.phone using.opera mini.app (android) i hope.not.to.hear "pls update your opera mini app" nor "too bad, you just have to adapt.to us, instead of.us.adjusting things for.you and.the opera gang" thanks man.

  12. ForMeFact0ry's Avatar
    ForMeFact0ry says:


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