Impact icons added to Market chart

Our newest feature interconnects three Forex Factory products — the Calendar, News, and Market — to bring you unprecedented insight into how fundamentals are affecting the market.

As shown above, news stories and calendar events are represented by the familiar factory-shaped impact icons at the bottom of the Market chart. Clicking the icons will bring you to the corresponding news story or calendar event for more detail. Impact icons can be turned on or off from the options below the chart, and only News impacts are turned on by default.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Posted by Michael, Forex Factory Product Developer

5 Responses to “Impact icons added to Market chart”

  1. Freddyfx's Avatar
    Freddyfx says:

    Michael and the team. SUPER job !!!!! Congrats.

  2. jiva34's Avatar
    jiva34 says:

    FF just keeps getting better and better... Curious to see where FF is going... seems like the sky is the limit... Good stuff...

  3. Mach26 says:

    Michael et al.....this is great. If you'll forgive the input, would it be possible to get something like this on MT4? Any chance it might also include other fundamental info such as speakers, auctions and earnings all of which affect the currency markets? Just thought I'd ask, cheers

  4. brucewhain's Avatar
    brucewhain says:

    Yes, it's a great idea. And I've enjoyed FF events, plotted on my charts in similar fashion, since 2006, through use of Plot_News, the indespensible MT4 indicator by Hanover. I wish FF would get together with him to offer this simple-to-use indicator - perhaps on a for-fee basis - to the general public. (This as a means of hopefully avoiding unexpected format changes by FF which screw up the plotting of events from time to time.) A lot of professionals use Plot_News on their charts, it's about the only alternative outside of owning a Bloomberg Terminal.

  5. t4fast says:

    Great, but doesn't work on iPhone / iPad

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