Get a fresh start with Trade Explorer

With the new ‘Custom Start’ feature, you can now specify a date that your Trade Explorer begins including brokerage account history. Strategies change, styles evolve, traders become smarter — all are good reasons you might want to exclude old performance from your metrics. While traders shouldn’t forget lessons of the past, it’s a lot easier to analyze performance when irrelevant trades are excluded.

To set up a custom start date, click ‘Options’ at the top-right of your Trade Explorer, and enter a date in the ‘Custom Start’ section, as shown below.

You may have also noticed that we recently changed the graph setup on the ‘Overview’ tab. Instead of one Flash-based graph, the Trade Explorer now has four image-based graphs on the main tab. This change gives you a thorough overview of the account with just a glance, plus it loads faster because it’s no longer based on Flash technology (which was our initial motivation for changing).

The new graphs also interact with the ‘Performance’ table rows — click the small blue icon on each row to make the graphs represent only that particular period. This is a handy way to zoom in on performance for the year, month, week, or day.

Haven’t tried the Trade Explorer yet? Get started here! Or if you have feedback or ideas for improvement, we’re always glad to hear from you.

Posted by Danny, Trade Explorer Product Manager

4 Responses to “Get a fresh start with Trade Explorer”

  1. arasheed's Avatar
    arasheed says:

    Hi I had created successfully day before yesterday on March 25,2012, Forex Metal Live Account in FF Trade Explorer, but now i don't where and how to log in to see the performance of that account?? Can you help me arasheed

  2. IRISH37 says:

    I have the same problem tight now--i cant see where to login to a trade explorer i set up yesterday.

  3. wildbill2u's Avatar
    wildbill2u says:

    I'm closing out all trading in the account(s) I currently have in the Trade Explorer program. I'd like to get a new start with my new accounts I have established with Oanda. Your user manual talks about deleting a Trade Explorer but I haven't found any directions on how to do that. Can you help? Send email to Thanks.

  4. radadiya says:

    Please provide direction how to delete trade explorer as its not explained in guide manual.

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