New product: Brokers

We’re pleased to announce the beta-release of Brokers, a highly advanced guide to regulated forex brokers. This new product is a breakthrough in the way traders research brokers, finally combining up-to-date information, extensive detail, real-time spreads, and a versatile interface that makes it easy to sort through it all!

While all information on the broker guide is kept fresh, the spreads are real-time! All spreads are pulled from each broker’s standard live account (no demos) with mere millisecond of lag (click the icon to refresh). With the built-in sorting feature, you can even sort the brokers by the pair that you trade most!

You can learn more about the administration and design of Brokers in the ‘About Brokers’ box. We hope this new product helps you find the broker that best suits your trading! :)

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

6 Responses to “New product: Brokers”

  1. khaliltag's Avatar
    khaliltag says:

    gr8 job Forex Factory i love u

  2. cliffedwards's Avatar
    cliffedwards says:

    Y Good Job

  3. cliffedwards's Avatar
    cliffedwards says:

    Wiil U be covering main UK/European/Swiss brokers in the future?

  4. Geppy's Avatar
    Geppy says:

    I'm surprised you're not showing commission on this table. I don't know about the other brokers, but MBT charges a commission per trade (but also a credit for filled limit orders). While this may make a lot of newbies head for the hills, they're actually still cheaper than most brokers. I love them!

  5. ybfjax says:

    a huge step in the right direction. I do hope you are not limiting yourself to USA-only brokers.

  6. Num says:

    Quite interesting info, but what is the benefit of regulated forex broker?

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