New FF logo; new front-end to follow

Behold! Forex Factory has a new logo! :)

We stuck to our roots with a factory shape, but the new logo bears precision and meaningfulness that better represent Forex Factory’s ideals and design approach.

The old logo served us well. It was a simple logo, proudly guarding over the site for almost nine years. In 2005, its shape was used as an icon to convey the expected market impact of calendar events ( ) — a pioneering feature that would later become ubiquitous in the financial world.

In 2011, the logo mark was again used to communicate market impact in an innovative way — this time signifying the actual impact of breaking news stories. Through the years, after serving millions upon millions of traders, our old logo became one of the most recognizable forex-related shapes in the world.

Goodbye ole’ buddy!

The new logo is the first step in a larger design initiative. We’re currently working on a new front-end for the site that will change the way you see FF. Here’s a preview:

You won’t have to worry about re-learning Forex Factory, as the new design will leave the site’s functionality and layout virtually unchanged. The only difference will be that the site looks better, loads faster, and will be more compatible across devices.

And thus begins a new chapter in Forex Factory’s evolution. :)

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

12 Responses to “New FF logo; new front-end to follow”

  1. kenfen69's Avatar
    kenfen69 says:

    Looks 'bout an OLD preview post button? Nice work...keep it up.

  2. tinny79's Avatar
    tinny79 says:

    A update will look good, the new logo looks good as well..

  3. TraderGER says:

    nonsense! old logo shows factory. new logo isn't forex and isn't factory. green better than black.

  4. thiagocanuto's Avatar
    thiagocanuto says:

    It was very good this change! Got a better appearance of seriousness.

  5. MaxForex's Avatar
    MaxForex says:

    The original logo is a character from the Webdings font set (0x46) I have to say i am not keen on the new one really. I doubt anyone that has not seen the new logo or FF before would ever guess it is supposed to say "FF" Was this new logo "put out to vote" with the users of FF?... Either way, the content of FF is whats important, not the logo. Just my 5 cents (the old 2 cents got hit with inflation :)

  6. metaprotodot's Avatar
    metaprotodot says:

    Good update. Icon is definitely better, not sure about that typeface though. It looks a little forced...

  7. 4x3r's Avatar
    4x3r says:

    I like the new logo very much. But what I liked of the old one was its green color, it seems inviting and it differentiated itself, I can easily spot Forex Factory by it. I like how it sets itself apart from the rest of my browser tabs. I'm also inclined a little more to the old font. :-) But nice work!

  8. Blaiserboy's Avatar
    Blaiserboy says:

    I like the looks of the new..... especially the animated part. I am glad you are looking at page load times. One thing I like about the site is that you have not overloaded so that page load is fast. One of your competitors has so much junk on their pages that I have stopped visiting the site.

  9. _BBKing_'s Avatar
    _BBKing_ says:

    good work! keep improving guys! :)

  10. mv6 says:

    new logo is nice but new layout is not good for me :(

  11. greed's Avatar
    greed says:

    if i had to chose i'd prefer the old one. the new one looks the aseptic to me. but it's still a nice logo anyway. the new site design looks very modern. will there be a mobile version of FF someday soon? or maybe even an app ?

  12. fivex's Avatar
    fivex says:

    looks good & loads faster, thanks.

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