A fresh face for the new year

We’ve completed the rollout of Forex Factory’s new front-end. :)

It’s a lot more than a facelift! The new front-end utilizes the latest web technologies to load the site faster and make it more consistent across browsers and devices.

While the functionality of the site remains mostly unchanged, the design introduces a new “sticky” navigation that consistently keeps all FF products just one click away. The navigation also employs a wider layout to tap into muscle-memory, thereby reducing the amount of effort needed to get around the site.

Forget how the site used to look? Here’s a screen capture right before the new front-end launched:

We’ve already received some great feedback — thank you very much! We’re working hard to improve on issues that have been brought to our attention, and you can expect to see constant improvements in the coming weeks.

Like something? Something bothering you? Let us know in the comments or by contacting us. We carefully consider all feedback!

Thanks for helping to make 2012 another great year for Forex Factory! Best of luck in the new year! :)

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

10 Responses to “A fresh face for the new year”

  1. SunTrader says:

    What happened to "My Subscriptions or Subscribed Threads" link? I have to dig into my profile to get to them.

  2. FXOjafar's Avatar
    FXOjafar says:

    Loving the new look. FF has come along in great leaps and bounds over the years and the new looks is icing on the cake. Happy New Year to all at FF!

  3. bstay2's Avatar
    bstay2 says:

    I'm unable do Delete Subscriptions when I want to remove threads subscribed.

  4. thiagocanuto's Avatar
    thiagocanuto says:

    Very good change! the Design was better. I think if you changed the colors to more serious and solid colors, could get better still, I imagine!

  5. TradeMonk says:

    great job on the new look loves it

  6. denwabiz's Avatar
    denwabiz says:

    Good look, great feature

  7. jrfx448 says:

    New look is great!! but what happened to that light-box effect? Thank you!!

  8. niksan says:

    Love the new UI Thanks!

  9. randolf's Avatar
    randolf says:

    hi ff thanks for website if may please add 1-euro stox 600 and all index bource :nikkei nasdaq and dowjones and dollar index and euro index your home page thanks for all service have nice day

  10. ffjbentz says:

    In this day and age when everyone wants something and gives nothing for free, I am soooooo grateful for forexfactory, even if you never updated it. You provide an incredible value beyond words. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

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