Welcome to The Forex Factory Blog!

Hello Forex Factory members! Given the increasing number of new enhancements, new features, and exciting things going on around Forex Factory, we think it’s about time we launch the official Forex Factory blog. Welcome to the first entry! Ok, so we’re a few years late with this – we’ll try to make up for it by keeping this blog updated often. ;)


Let me kick things off by telling you about some recent Forex Factory coverage in the press. We were super excited to have the FF calendar featured in the March issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazine! As you may know, S&C is a leading publication for traders, and to be featured on a full page (pg. 68) with a mention on the cover is really an honor! If you aren’t an S&C subscriber, you can pick up a copy of the March issue at your local bookstore or get a subscription at http://www.traders.com.

FX Week

FX Week, the Forex industry’s leading newsletter, featured the FF calendar in the March 2nd issue, in the “News in Brief” section. FX Week is a weekly publication for industry professionals and serious traders – you can check them out at http://www.fxweek.com.

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

57 Responses to “Welcome to The Forex Factory Blog!”

  1. Why Oh Why's Avatar
    Why Oh Why says:

    Better late than never, eh? Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. gambrinus's Avatar
    gambrinus says:

    excellent! I think everyone will enjoy reading and commenting on this blog.

  3. challenger78 says:

    Well done, I wish all the best to FF!!!

  4. mahmode says:

    Well done,nice blog

  5. Why Oh Why's Avatar
    Why Oh Why says:

    The default wp theme is nice mahmode? Simple, perhaps? Nice, IMO, no. I'd guess it will be changed very soon.

  6. socialtrader says:

    Not a nice blog yet ;) Just continue to update it and share a little of the internal workings of FF and all will be great. I just posted this on my blog! :P http://www.pipstopblog.com.

  7. F.x.'s Avatar
    F.x. says:

    Compliments on your new blog! -F.x.

  8. Why Oh Why's Avatar
    Why Oh Why says:

    BTW Sidney, is it a WP mu install? And LOL social, didn't you guess your link wouldn't be clickable?

  9. Papillon's Avatar
    Papillon says:

    Looking good. I think it will be useful to all of us. All the best. Papillon.

  10. fxupdate says:


  11. zafin's Avatar
    zafin says:

    Im sure this page is going to be awesome... keep doing things like this. I just gotta say...Well done!!! I wish all the best zafin

  12. macockiner2's Avatar
    macockiner2 says:

    Blog on FF, blog on......

  13. rb4488 says:

    Glad to see the new blog up and running...many congrats

  14. james16's Avatar
    james16 says:

    5 years ago it was unusual to see 20 people in the forum at one time. Amazing what has happened over the last 5 years and much of the credit should go to Merlin. His early guidence and refusal to let Forex Factory go down the same ugly road as others like Moneytec is the main reason this place survives and prospers. I was fortunate enough to be here in the beginning and watch its growth and it is with great pride i call this my trading home. Why is this place great? simple. A conserted effort is made to keep ugly nasty people out and give decent and kind people a safe and decent place to learn this business. Congrats on the new blog and also for those of you behind the scenes for carrying that focus onward. Jim

  15. marejp's Avatar
    marejp says:

    As james16 said in his post, amazing what happened over the last 5 years. To all the old administrators and specifically Merlin, thanks. It is indeed a feather in your caps that people have grown full-cycle and still visit FF. It shows that there is enough depth and valuable inputs. Enjoy. Johan

  16. kateeus's Avatar
    kateeus says:

    Looks good, count me in.

  17. TMR's Avatar
    TMR says:

    Congrats with the publication and the blogspot.

  18. zahiruddin65 says:

    good...... wish could learn more from this blog...

  19. Antra's Avatar
    Antra says:

    Congratulations FF and Merlin and all the elves with all the hard work you guys have done to make FF a great forum. The standard of threads with the information and thought provoking ideas and the high quality of the experienced traders who run them make FF what it is today. This is thanks to your vision Merlin and your efforts to never lose sight of where you wanted FF to be. gotta love the place....

  20. CrankDOX says:

    Nice , FF the best 4 me

  21. Spsantos's Avatar
    Spsantos says:

    Nice complement to the forums, now it's about letting it grow. Your Keep up the good work and thanks for your unselfish work towards the traders community!

  22. ak4x's Avatar
    ak4x says:

    Cool. Whodda thunk?

  23. Jollyroger says:

    Congratulations on the blog and also for this website. There are some great people on this site and I'm looking forward to learning from them and hopefully contributing in the future.

  24. sojournerr says:

    Congrats on this blog. Long live FF!

  25. Moova's Avatar
    Moova says:

    Well Done FF !!! Best of luck with the blog Moova

  26. ChartRider's Avatar
    ChartRider says:

    FF da best :D

  27. zackchoe says:

    Congrats! I have been following this factory for some time!!! -Zack Choe Singapore

  28. fxprincess's Avatar
    fxprincess says:

    Count me in! Welcome aboard to the blogging world!

  29. sunnyfarm says:

    looking forward to the FF blog

  30. chamtik says:

    Looking forward

  31. fransisco's Avatar
    fransisco says:

    welcome abroad FF. looking forward another tips and trick :D

  32. terryfavour says:

    Waoh! this is wonderful... Forexfactory is a loaded site but with this new blog, this is fully reloaded base on the benefits..

  33. Arya-Remixma says:

    Congratulation for the launching.. I hope it will come to great advantages for every trader or trading observer.. If I could give suggestion, I think this blog let the user to leave comment with their open URL or email id. I think it's the best way make strong relationship between members.

  34. Daniel Su says:

    Congrats for the launch! Regards, Dan

  35. dar spring's Avatar
    dar spring says:

    FF is truly a class act, pip pip hurray

  36. haba says:

    Dear FF, I wish to say "CONGRATULATION" for your new blog as improving feature for the trader around the world. Again, congratulation from me. Warmest Regards, HABA indoforextrading@gmail.com Y!M: indofxtrading

  37. psv's Avatar
    psv says:

    The best regards for FF.Оставайтесь the best in the business.

  38. dark_shadow says:

    well I want you to know that i will be a regular follower of your blog and also inform people about comments made in this blog and want to thank you for keeping forex for real

  39. forex001 says:

    The blog is ok but u need to continue to update it

  40. Ekejiuba says:

    If this can help make me reach. I think I will be with you live.

  41. Yohay's Avatar
    Yohay says:

    Good luck with the new blog!

  42. jalkok's Avatar
    jalkok says:

    Thanks, was about time, wasn`t it ;-) Go on ahead...

  43. ninjas66's Avatar
    ninjas66 says:

    May the green pips with us every time we trade..with this blog..thanks FF and admin.good luck to evreyone..including my self..ha ha ha..

  44. fosters says:

    great presence, and never late: just right. looking forward to good news and contents FF is now known for.

  45. ????????????

  46. Kosomolate's Avatar
    Kosomolate says:

    which kind one be this

  47. ChartRider's Avatar
    ChartRider says:

    But... Maybe you need change wp themes i think..

  48. eburg306 says:


  49. HouseTrader's Avatar
    HouseTrader says:

    Good to see such move... Looking forward for what's coming! Congratulations to FF team! Cheers!

  50. clm says:

    Glad to here your news

  51. altrader's Avatar
    altrader says:

    Fantastic! I love Forex Factory. I've learned so much :D

  52. sojmann says:

    more grease to your elbows!!

  53. erina882008 says:

    hi blog.forexfactory.com.I'am Rinaldi-Aceh Indonesia.welcome to the blog public..good luck..

  54. olsonlinda49 says:

    forexfactory was the best thing that ever happened to me last year when i was introduced. you have great talent here.

  55. buzzbot says:

  56. hunterjm says:

    I want to ask why, on my computer Forex Factory did not, and still doesn't show any news items between 6.30pm Wed.and 9.50am Thur. Australian time? Apparently there were major market moving events which did not show on my screen. Before you ask all the settings are correct!

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