Sessions redesign

August 9th, 2010

Almost four years ago we developed the Sessions product located in the top-left of the homepage. With the introduction of Market we decided to revamp Sessions with a new layout and a first-of-its-kind liquidity gauge. A red icon () indicates high liquidity, orange () indicates moderate liquidity, and yellow () means liquidity is low. Please read the user guide to learn more about Sessions.

The new layout increases pre-click information and shows the local time of each city, and the liquidity gauge is a unique indicator powered by our Market Data System (MDS). MDS was built from the ground up to supply data to the Market page, but it also collects valuable information about spreads and tick volume across seventeen brokers (and counting). Since spread size and tick volume can individually estimate liquidity, we built the liquidity gauge to combine both metrics. The calculations are listed in the user guide.

Fyi, the old version of Sessions will still run on the homepage until the new version is tested enough to replace it.

If you have any feedback or bug reports we’d love to here from you — contact us or leave a comment. :)

Posted by Scot, Forex Factory Senior Developer

FF hiring Website Coordinators

June 14th, 2010

We’re hiring two more Website Coordinators to work at our headquarters in downtown Tampa, Florida. Ideal candidates will have advanced computer skills, a few years of Forex trading experience, and be local to downtown Tampa. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a job with a growing company where you have real possibility for advancement, we want to hear from you!

Get the application process started!

Btw, I’ve been working at FF for over five years and can vouch that this is an awesome company to work for. ;)

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

Broker Quotes redesign

June 10th, 2010

We recently launched a new interface for Broker Quotes, FF’s groundbreaking aggregator of quotes from Forex brokers.

Broker Quotes was initially designed to fit in FF’s left column – now it’s in a half-page format on the Market page, under the Composite Quotes table. With more room we’re able to show more pre-click information, the most useful of which is the spread (in pips) from each broker. The new Broker Quotes also includes FF’s recently-developed ‘Live’ setting, which streams data without interaction. Just check the box in the top right corner and quotes will update automatically.

To learn more about Broker Quotes please read the user guide.

Like the original design, you can control the ‘Composite’ quote by choosing four brokers from a list of industry leaders, each whom supply FF with a direct connection to their standard retail rates. The Composite is very flexible, allowing for any number of broker combinations, including designating all slots to the same broker.

Broker Quotes is still in beta as we’re working on some issues at market open and market close, but overall it should be pretty solid. If you find a bug it would be most appreciated if you let us know!

Posted by Scot, Forex Factory Senior Developer

FXCM Expo sponsored by FF

March 23rd, 2010

Forex Factory is a proud sponsor of the FXCM Expo at the Rio in Las Vegas, May 3-4, 2010!

This free two-day event includes educational courses for all trading levels taught by FXCM’s course instructors as well as the DailyFX research analysts. There will be over 60 classes and workshops covering a wide range of topics important to today’s Forex trader. Many FF members will be pleased to know there’ll be a course track designed specifically for the MetaTrader community! See the full workshop schedule.

You can register for the Expo, for free, at, or contact an FXCM representative for more information at 1.888.503.6739 or

Please note FXCM has secured a limited number of discount rooms at the Rio for Expo guests. By staying at the Rio, not only are you an elevator ride from all the action, but every room is a luxurious suite! In order to get the exclusive Expo discount, you need to reserve your room online before they’re all gone!

See you in Vegas! :)

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

Market data goes live

February 23rd, 2010

You might have noticed we’ve been rolling out the live socket for the new Market tab.

The live socket allows us to push real-time data from our servers to Market’s chart and quotes table. If you appreciate the fact that Market’s quotes are a composite derived from multiple brokers, you’ll love seeing it happen live. :)

At this time the ‘Live’ box must be checked every time you visit — the setting is not remembered like the other features on the page. This is by design, to reduce page load times and server load. We plan to make the Live button “sticky” when we can do so reliably. Also, the Chart and Composite Quotes have independent Live settings. This gives you control over how much processing your computer must do. For example, you may only need to see a live chart, and don’t want to waste resources on live quotes.

We’re hard at work ensuring the reliability and accuracy of Market, and stay tuned for some cool data-aggregating features currently being developed. If you run into a bug or have ideas for improvement please comment or contact us!

Posted by Michael, Forex Factory Product Developer

New product: Market

November 29th, 2009

Today we’re proud to introduce Market — a flexible, customizable, quick view of the Forex market.

See Market in action or read the user guide to learn how it works.

Our goal was to develop an interface that allows Forex traders to quickly and easily see what the market is doing. The quotes table displays ten currency pairs, the pip and percentage change for each, as well as the period high/low – all of which is customizable and remembered on your next visit. Beside every currency pair is a chart icon which sends the currency to the interactive chart. There you can get a proper visual by adjusting the interval, chart type, and cursor. And if you fret doing time zone conversions you’ll be happy to see that the chart adheres to your time settings.

While the interface was designed specifically for the modern Forex trader, what makes Market really unique is that it’s powered by Forex Factory’s Market Data System (MDS) – a custom-built infrastructure which aggregates quotes from multiple Forex brokers. All data you see on Market is collected and averaged by MDS, providing you the truest view of the Forex market.

Market is one of our most complex products to date; most of our team has been working on it ever since we launched Broker Quotes (another MDS-powered product) in July. We have a lot of great ideas for improvement, but our first objective is to ensure the data is stable and highly reliable. Once that’s achieved, we’ll be focusing on the live socket version which will automatically push data to the page, so you won’t have to manually refresh anymore. :)

Market is still in beta form so you’ll likely see some errors and downtime. We need your help ironing out the bugs, so if you run into one, or just have general feedback, please drop us a line!

We hope you enjoy the new tab!

Posted by Michael, Forex Factory Product Developer

News content by FNN

August 27th, 2009

A big change is being made to the News section today! All stories will now be provided by members of the Factory News Network (FNN), a team of familiar faces we’ve organized to bring you the most timely, insightful, and interesting Forex news in the world. :)

FNN members will provide a blend of stories from around the web and personally authored stories – all catered to Forex traders. The founding members of FNN include:

caseystubbs | Representing Winners Edge Trading

James Chen | Representing FX Solutions

ForexDatasource |

Learning Markets | Learning Markets

Mohammed Isah | Representing FXTechstrategy | TheLFB

Trout | Representing Trading University

Yohay | Representing Forex Crunch

The introduction of FNN marks the end of Forex Factory’s wide-open story submission format. After a long wrestle with the model we don’t feel it can produce the level of quality and value that we expect from our products. As a coordinated team of analysts and traders, FNN has the skills to deliver the consistent and reliable news that’s been lacking in the open format.

As always, we welcome your feedback!

Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing

Broker Quotes beta launched

July 28th, 2009

After a substantial development period we’re proud to unveil Broker Quotes, the world’s first multi-source Forex quotes!

Broker Quotes is small in size but big on functionality. It supports 27 currency pairs quoted in real-time by any combination of eleven brokers. The interface is fully customizable and remembers your settings with cookies. The details of Broker Quotes operation and design are covered in the user guide, which is a required reading if you want to get the most out of it.

Broker Quotes has an intricate back-end that is yet to be load tested, so there may be a few crashes and bugs during the beta period (disclaimer! ;) ). If you encounter a bug or have an idea for improvement make sure to comment or contact us!

Posted by Scot, Forex Factory Senior Developer

FF calendar meets China

July 14th, 2009

Today we launch our coverage of key Chinese economic data. The following events will now be reported on the Forex Factory calendar:

  • GDP q/y
  • Industrial Production y/y
  • Trade Balance
  • Manufacturing PMI
  • CLSA Manufacturing PMI
  • CPI y/y
  • PPI y/y
  • Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y
  • More Coming Soon

    As you may have noticed, Chinese data releases are gradually having a more pronounced impact on the currency markets. Presently their influence can rival high-profile G7 indicators, especially in regard to the yen and commodity currencies. It has long been evident that we needed to add the Chinese yuan (CNY) to the calendar, and early this year the Forex Factory economists set out to tackle the project.

    The sources for Chinese data are far less transparent and less reliable than we are used to dealing with on the calendar, which is why we had avoided CNY for so long. It took our team five months of research, source gathering, release monitoring, and beta-testing to report the data with the same quality and reliability that we strive for on the calendar.

    We cannot change how Chinese sources release and schedule data, but we can implement procedures that will bring clarity and consistency to our coverage. We have made several ‘FF Notes’ (see the Detail View by clicking the icon) to inform you of special circumstances you might expect to see, and we created a new set of ‘FF Alerts’ (see the inside the Detail View, where applicable) that will be used keep you abreast of scheduling issues as they happen. For the least reliable release schedules we opted to set the event’s default time to ‘Tentative’ to make you aware that we don’t know the exact release time. With all CNY data you should be prepared to see surprise early releases, leaked data later retracted, and data being delayed for days – we will do our best to inform you of these issues with the FF Alert function. Finally, we ask that you be slightly more forgiving of our mistakes as we become further acquainted with the new coverage.

    We will report our first live CNY data in about 24 hours… see you there!

    Posted by Tim, Forex Factory Senior Economist

    Dynamic thread bookmarks

    July 10th, 2009

    In response to numerous member requests, we built a new feature that lets you dynamically bookmark four thread locations – the first page, first unread post, last page, or last post.

    These bookmarks are especially useful if you follow the high-activity threads in the Interactive Trading forum, as you can now access the latest thread updates with one click of your bookmark.

    Thanks to the members who suggested this feature! :)

    Posted by Sidney, Forex Factory Director of Marketing